Nursing Simulation

Game Overview

The SRAS Nursing Simulation is a resource allocation game. The player has to manage their staff and allocate appropriately qualified nurses to patients in order to maintain their patients' wellbeing. The simulation can be used to help nursing students learn resource management while also enforcing knowledge taught through lectures. The game uses pre-written events with subsequent spawn events to create typical ward activity.


Your objective as the player is to respond to a set of sequenced events using your available resources as effectively as possible. By correctly allocating your staff you must attempt to finish the simulated scenario with as few penalty points as you can, penalty points are given when a patient is either badly treated or ignored.


These are the patients of the ward; your aim is to care for them throughout the scenario. By clicking on their bed you can view the patient’s care plan which contains their history and any current events which must be attended to.

A glowing bed represents a patient in need of assistance; by checking the care plan once again you can view what is needed and then apply the correct nurse(s) to the surrounding hotspots by dragging them.

These are your staff members; they can be dragged onto hotspots to complete events. Be warned however, once a nurse is allocated to an event and the next turn begins the nurse cannot be removed until the event is complete. Similar to patients, by clicking the nurse icon at the bottom of the screen a brief biography will appear.

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